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Law Office of Aihong You, PC

Aihong You, Esq., Managing Attorney

Aihong You, Esq.  
Managing Attorney


Ms. You has represented individuals and businesses in State Courts of New York, State Courts of New Jersey, Federal Courts of New York and Federal Court of New Jersey. She has a track record of efficiency and success in resolving cases*.

 Ms. You has successfully:

-   Removed a judgment lien attached to a home owner's property in Queens through litigaton;

-   Defended a wife for child negligene claim in a lawsuit by New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency;

- Obtained Pendente Lite relief for a husband in a divorce action;

- Tried a case and obtained full monetary judgment for the client as a creditor of an estate;

- Tried a fraud case and obtained a $900,000.00 judgment; 

- Settled a contract dispute with respect to the ownership of a Chinese restaurant and obtained favorable monetary settlement for the client;

- Acted as private counse for a Chinese client who was sued in a car accident, and obtained favorable settlement for the client within his insurance policy limit;

- Defended three Chinese restaurants in a unpaid minimum and overtime wages case and settled the case in an amount favorable to the clients, saving the clients thousands of dolloars for the trial costs.

* Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome


游爱虹律师具有丰富的诉讼经验, 主要代表华人企业和个人在纽约, 新泽西各级州法院; 纽约, 新泽西州各级联邦法院出庭。 游爱虹律师成功案例很多, 下面只是一部分*:

- 成功在纽约州法院诉讼中帮助屋主取消了加在房子上的判决处罚;

- 成功在新泽西州法院诉讼中帮助妻子取消了新泽西政府儿童保护当局的忽视儿童指控;

- 成功为丈夫在纽约州法院诉讼中获得了法院判给临时的赡养费, 律师费和房屋税保险;

- 通过庭审成功帮助遗产债权人获得全部经济赔偿判决; 
- 通过庭审成功帮助一个欺诈受害者获得$900,000.00 赔偿判决; 

- 成功解决了在纽约州法院一个关于中餐馆合同纠纷案件, 客人从被告处获得了理想的经济赔偿;  

- 成功为客人在新泽西州法院的车祸官司中获得免责, 保险公司付了全部伤害赔偿;

- 成功解决纽约州南区联邦法院最低工资, 超时工资的案件, 在庭审前为客人通过协商解决了案件, 节省上万庭审律师费。

* 以往成功案例不保证同样的结果