Adoption; Alimony, Alternative dispute resolution; Appeals of family law judgments; Child custoday; Child support; Child negligence and abuse; Divorce; Domestic violence; Emancipation applications; Asset distribuion; Post -judgment enforcement and modification; Premarital agreement; Relocating child.

员工福利规划; 员工福利法; 劳工保护法(个人); 劳工雇佣管理法律(公司); 民权的保护法律, 职场歧视; 加班费和最低工资法律; 非法解雇; 报复; 职场性骚扰; 工伤保险;工伤。

Employment Law  劳工法服务

Business Law 商业法服务


Real Estate 地产法律服务

Business law; Businss bankruptcy and reorganiation; Commercial litigation; Commericial contract; Commercial finance; Commericial real estate; Construction law; Government regulations and approval

Mechanic's lien; Intellectual Property; Trademark and patent; International business arbitration and investigation.  


Family Services 家事法律服务


Elder Law 养老遗产法律咨询服务

商业法; 商业破产及重组; 商业诉讼; 商业合同;商业融资借贷; 商用地产交易; 建筑法律法规;政府规章和商用物业批准; 工程未付款留置权; 知识产权; 商标和专利; 国际商业仲裁和交易调查

Estate planning and administration; Family business succession; Tax planning; Wills; Trusts; Private foundations; Pension and retirement plans, Nursing home; Health care  law; Probate law, State and federal inheritance and estate tax;

International inheritance.

Employment benefits law; Employment law (individual); Employment law (management); civil rights protection and discrimination; Overtime compensation and minimum wages; Unlawful discharge; Retaliation; Sexual harassment; Worker's compensation; Work related injuries.

领养; 离婚赡养费,庭外协商程序; 家事法院判决上诉; 子女监护权; 子女抚养费; 儿童疏忽和虐待指控; 离婚; 家庭暴力; 子女成年申请; 婚姻财产分配; 法院判决执行和修改; 婚前协议; 子女离境。


遗产规划和管理; 家族企业的继承; 遗产税务筹划; 遗嘱; 信托; 私人基金会; 养老金和退休计划; 老人护理计划; 养老法律; 遗嘱法院认证程序; 州和联邦遗产和继承税; 国际遗产继承。

商用房地产交易; 商业地产租赁; 环境法 ;用地规章和政府批准; 用地区划和土地使用; 重建;

Law Office of Aihong You, PC

Commerical real estate transaction; Commercial leasing; Environment law; Government regulations and approval; Zoning and land use; redevelopment;

Residential real estate transaction;

State and local property tax appeal.

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